Stainless Steel Equipment

A.N.T. Metallofabrica Ltd manufactures custom-made stainless steel catering equipment for hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, bakeries, butcheries, pharmaceutical industries, food & drinks industries, hospitals, etc.


We import furniture from selected suppliers but we also manufacture our own designs. Customers have the ability of choosing through the wide range of furniture in stock, place an order from our cataloges (delivery time 15-30 days) or bring their own desired design.


We import and distribute outdoor gas and electric heaters.We also have a wide range of indoor pellet heaters.

Barbeque Grills

We manufacture stainless steel, mild steel and galvanized barbeque grills at standard size. But we are really specialized at producing custom-made barbeque grills for professional or household use. We can manufacture any size or shape, depending on the needs of our customer. Our stainless steel barbeque grills are coated with firebricks, ensuring better heating performance for a longer period of time. Heavy duty motors are available for all models and industrial gear motors for the professional models.